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How We Recommend Perforation For Demolition With The C.B.A®

If the rock or material to demolish is similar to the one on figure 1, this is one of the easiest cases we can have. In this case the demolition will be cheaper than with any other traditional method.

Supposing that the rock had a volume of 1 m3, with 4 drills in a mesh of 40 cm, with 3 kg. of CBA® the rock would be broken into 10-12 pieces.


If it is like figure 2, and we want to cut it because it cuts up a road or something similar, it is a case like the previous one, very easy and economical. With 2 or 3 holes we ensure the horizontal cut so that later, using any mechanical means, we can take it out. The quantity of CBA® used should not be more than 3 kg. per 1 m3, approximately.


When we want to level up a rock, the procedure would be similar to the previous one, although we would have to line up horizontal drills (figure 4) with a slight inclination in order to favour its filling and limit the cut. This way we will be able to break up the horizontal one first. Then the first line and, after some leaving a margin of time, the second one (figure 5), and so on.


In figure 6 we observe a so-called "tortoise stone". If we want to cut it, we have to drill it horizontally, with enough inclination to make the filling easier.


If we want to draw a square in a rock which is on the floor, the first thing to do would be to give exit to the material with a 45 degrees inclination, to take out a piece of rock. Then we would have to give it the shape wanted, giving exit to a side (figure 8).

figura 7   figura 8

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