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How Can I Use CBA® EXPANSIVO demolishing cement?

- Open the cover of the container.

- Take out the bag of CBA® EXPANSIVO.

- Add fresh and clean water at 10-12ºC, up to the mark on the container - 2,7 l. for 10kg of CBA®.

- Pour CBA® EXPANSIVO slowly into the container and mix it by hand of machine to avoid clots.

- Pour in the holes until they are completely covered.


1.- Keep in a dry place, inside the original packaging.

2.- Once you open the bag inside, you sould use it all at once.

3.- CBA EXPANSIVO is highly alkaline, very irritating, and therefore we advise you to use rubber gloves and glasses.

4.- Do not empty the remains in inflammable places, metallic recipients of glass, since CBA EXPANSIVO reaches a pressure of 9000 Tons per m2.

5.- Do not look directly into the holes until at least 6 hours have gone by.

6.- Indoors it is advisable to use an anti-dust mask.

7.- In the event of contact with the skin or respiratory airways wash abundantly with water, and if necessary go to a doctor R-36-37-38.

8.- In the event of contact with the eyes wash abundantly with clean water and talk to a doctor S-26.

9.- Do not leave CBA EXPANSIVO within the reach of children.

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