Demolitions without dynamite

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CBA® EXPANSIVO is a demolishing, non explosive, ecological product which will allow you, when mixing it with a appropiate percentage of water, to demolish all types of rocks and concrete, whatever its hardness, due to the enormous force exercised by this demolishing cement that reaches 9000 Tons per square metre.

The result is spectacular, precise and safe, because it does not require any explosions. It will save you time, effort and risks, apart from money, and you will avoid gases and vibrations. With assured results in any space, even if it is in places of difficult or dangerous access, outdoors or indoors.




CBA® EXPANSIVO does not produce any noxious effect on people or on the environment. Therefore, without need of experience, you will be able to use CBA® EXPANSIVO wherever you want, whenever you want, without risks, clean and safely, with astonishing results.

CBA® EXPANSIVO means the definitive farewell to the annoying explosives and licences, permits and explosion insurance.

CBA® EXPANSIVO, because it is not explosive, is not subject to explosives legislation. Therefore it can be marketed, transported, exhibited and used freely.

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